Communicating with our kids about sexuality

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Modern day sexual trends are filled with potentially harmful behaviors. The more guidance parents can give to help their children navigate the dangers ahead, the better prepared children will be to make responsible decisions. This presentation helps parents connect with their children to work with them to overcome the pressures they will face. Parents will gain confidence in their ability to discuss sensitive topics with their kids and be encouraged to build ongoing and open discussions between themselves and their children. (For parents)

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Tia Macdougall 370

Tia MacDougall

Tia is passionate about helping youth find hope, value, and restoration in a culture of addition and brokenness by focusing on issues of intimacy, mental health, self-discovery, and sexuality.

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"The presentation was not only clear and easy to understand but it was enjoyable, and informative." -Parent
"I would absolutely recommend this presentation!! The most valuable part of this presentation was getting dads involved with talking to children, especially girls." -Parent
"Our society needs more of this!" -Parent
"Keep talking to teenagers." -Parent
"You really brought out reality to us. I really enjoyed what you had to say. For you to tell us your stories really made me realise I made a good choice getting out of my relationship." -Grade 8 Student
"Exceeded expectations!" -Parent
"The objectives were very well met - things were explained clearly and a lot of practical and real examples given." -parent
"Very through, honest and down-to-earth presentation." -parent
"I learned that I am not alone in this, and talking to my kids is key. The talk was amazing, I will recommend this to any parents." -parent
"I learned how important our role is for our children's true happiness - True parenting." -parent
"I am pleased and will now engage open conversations with my children." -parent
"Excellent presentation, very informative, touching and authentic." -parent
"Having "the talk" doesn't have to be all "doom & gloom". Humor, patience, admitting it is awkward for you too!!" -parent
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