Depression and Suicide

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Depression and suicide affect people of all ages. Suicide and attempted suicides have increased 300% over the last 30 years. Depression is common these days and, although not everyone who is depressed is suicidal, most suicidal people struggle with depression. This workshop offers compassionate tools to prepare the listener to recognize and support loved ones who are struggling with depression and suicidal thoughts, even if it’s themselves.
The presenter teaches from her own life experiences, providing real answers. The presentation builds toward the focus of value and relevance for each individual life. It offers step by step practical ways to open up the discussion of suicide and ways to get appropriate help for a loved one. (For Grades 7 -12)

Available Speakers
Tia Macdougall 370

Tia MacDougall

Tia is passionate about helping youth find hope, value, and restoration in a culture of addition and brokenness by focusing on issues of intimacy, mental health, self-discovery, and sexuality.

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"I learned how to be "me"." -Student - Grade 7
"I love Tia's activities; they are so engaging!" -Student - Grade 8
"Great. This talk was very meaningful to me. Interesting and understandable." -Student - Grade 8
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