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While humans have an innate desire to bond and connect, teens are often confused about what makes a healthy relationship and how to show appropriate physical affection. This workshop considers media literacy, age of consent, safe internet use, peer pressure and sexuality trends to help teens fully understand the possible consequences of their choices. (For Grades 7-12)

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Tia Macdougall 370

Tia MacDougall

Tia is passionate about helping youth find hope, value, and restoration in a culture of addition and brokenness by focusing on issues of intimacy, mental health, self-discovery, and sexuality.

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"I've heard Tia a few times, she really can speak to hearts" -Peter Spicer
"Almost all of the male topics helped me most. They prepared me for highschool and made me put my guard up. This was very educational, but in a fun way. I enjoyed the presentation!" -Grade 7 Student
"I want to say thank you very much for the presentation. It was very eye-opening and I really learnt a lot. Showing the slide-show of how media curves sex into practically everything you see has made me more aware of this and less minipulated by all the things media can throw in your face. I'll do a better job to think for myself and not let the media influence me. Thanks so much, it was really appreciated." -Anne-Julie
"Thank you so much for coming to our class! Your presentation was the best we've had so far, full of vital and interesting information. It was very well geared towards our age group, and I was glad to be there." -Cassi
"Personally, I have never before experienced such a dramatically positive response from students and I must credit your approach, manner, and style in dealing honestly and factually with important issues for much of the success accorded us by the students." -Teacher
"This was an excellent presentation. Tia related well to the teens. She was respectful of the teens opinions and validated them as people. She presented all the options and involved the teens in her presentation." -Teacher
"Your presentation really influenced my view on the way sex can affect your emotional and physical health. " -Grade 10 Student
"Whether or not we choose to be abstinent, it is important to be informed about the possible outcomes of having sex." -Grade 10 Student
"Wow! What was talked about today really hit home - my home! My daughter had lots of wonderful things to say about Signal Hill and the presentation. Thank you!!" -Parent
"Very informative and fun to listen to." -Student - Grade 7
"Interactive. Not like a lecture. Educational & eye-opening." -Student - Grade 8
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