Love and Abuse

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This session equips people for healthy relationships. It covers the foundation of love and explains the importance of establishing and maintaining healthy relationships and boundaries. Discussion includes healthy behaviours, attitudes and motivations in relationships as well as recognizing signs of abuse and how to get help. (For Grades 7 – 12)

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Tia Macdougall 370

Tia MacDougall

Tia is passionate about helping youth find hope, value, and restoration in a culture of addition and brokenness by focusing on issues of intimacy, mental health, self-discovery, and sexuality.

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"I loved the emphasis on what love is and why people are looking for it!" -Teacher
"The presentation was outstanding. Tia is kind and compassionate." -Teacher
"Wow, what a presentation! Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us. You've really helped a room of young professionals gain a better understanding of the whole person, while in partnership with another person." -Community Leader
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