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Tia began her training in Sociology and Community Development in 1987 at the University of Oklahoma. Since that time she has worked in outreach with various organizations and received training to work with at-risk and special needs youth, parents, teachers, and community leaders.

Tia has had the privilege to inspire and inform tens of thousands of people with life affirming messages in Schools, Post-Secondary Institutions, Youth Groups, and Shelters across British Columbia, Canada, and internationally. Her passion is in helping youth find hope, value, and restoration in a culture of addiction and brokenness. She believes that when we educate young people we can strengthen them to greatly impact their own generation.

Presentations Tia Gives

Young people today are reporting more than event that they feel overwhelmed by pressure and stress. We explore the impact of technology, marketing and social media and what we can do to educate and protect young people.

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The average young person spends 6-10 hours daily using media and social networking. Many teens discuss high-risk activities online and lack the ability to filter messages as adults do. Students learn about fixing boundaries around their social interaction online. Also included are practical strategies for assessing their environment and knowing who to confide in when feeling threatened.

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This session equips people for healthy relationships. It covers the foundation of love and explains the importance of establishing and maintaining healthy relationships and boundaries. Discussion includes healthy behaviours, attitudes and motivations in relationships as well as recognizing signs of abuse and how to get help. (For Grades 7 – 12)

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Modern day sexual trends are filled with potentially harmful behaviors. The more guidance parents can give to help their children navigate the dangers ahead, the better prepared children will be to make responsible decisions. This presentation helps parents connect with their children to work with them to overcome the pressures they will face. Parents will gain confidence in their ability to discuss sensitive topics with their kids and be encouraged to build ongoing and open discussions between themselves and their children. (For parents)

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When a person struggles with their sense of value, it affects their life. This session features real life stories and engaging activities that draw the audience into the same moment of discovery and self-reflection. The goal is to awaken the listeners’ sense of intrinsic value and provide tools to make choices that reflect that value. (For Grades 7 – 12)

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Depression and suicide affect people of all ages. Suicide and attempted suicides have increased 300% over the last 30 years. Depression is common these days and, although not everyone who is depressed is suicidal, most suicidal people struggle with depression. This workshop offers compassionate tools to prepare the listener to recognize and support loved ones who are struggling with depression and suicidal thoughts, even if it’s themselves.
The presenter teaches from her own life experiences, providing real answers. The presentation builds toward the focus of value and relevance for each individual life. It offers step by step practical ways to open up the discussion of suicide and ways to get appropriate help for a loved one. (For Grades 7 -12)

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While humans have an innate desire to bond and connect, teens are often confused about what makes a healthy relationship and how to show appropriate physical affection. This workshop considers media literacy, age of consent, safe internet use, peer pressure and sexuality trends to help teens fully understand the possible consequences of their choices. (For Grades 7-12)

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